He presents the out-of-this-world pantomime comedy performed with hit tunes. His solid technique trained in the street and the theatre in various countries including Japan and a keen nose to sniff the laughter has received high praise at the festivals. He brings a hilarious performance having the plot polished over and over again by novel ideas beyond the established boundary of the pantomime.


1992 [McDonald's Dance Contest '92] Second Prize
1993 [McDonald's Dance Contest '93] Performance Prize
1996 [Kabukicho Festa '96 Street Performance Contest] Champion
1997 [Osaka Tenpozan World Performance Competition] Champion
    [Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka'97] Japan Cup Third Prize
1998 [Osaka Tenpozan World Performance Competition] Total Champion Osaka Mayor Prize
    [Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka'98] Japan Cup Champion
1999 [Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka'99] World Cup Champion
2001 [The First Darepika Art Performance Contest] Jury's Special Prize
    [Osaka Tenpozan World Performance Competition] Market Place Prize
2002 [Tokyo Heaven Artist] Licence acquisition
2004 [The First/Second Nippon TV Art Performance] Special Artist Prize
2005 [The Third Nippon TV Art Performance] Special Artist Prize
    [Japan Commercial Broadcast Federation Prize] TV Entertainment Division Excellence Award
       (produced by NBS)
2006 [The Fourth Nippon TV Art Performance] Encouragement Prize


2000 [Edmonton International Street Performer Festival] (Canada)
    [Fira de Theater] (Spain)
2001 [Singapore Art Festival 2001]
    [Summer End Festival 2001] (Belgium)
2003 [Banberg Festival] [La Piazza] (Germany)
    [Stockton Riverside Festival] [Leeds Rhythm City Festival] (UK)
2006 [Kacchon Hanmadan Festival] (South Korea)
2007 [Thank You Tezuka Performance Show] (South Korea)
     [Ansan Basking Festival] (South Korea)
    [Parade] (France)
     [Linz]  [Firaha] (Austria)
2008 [Linz]  [Firaha] (Austria)
    [Le Odyssey] (France)
2009・2010 [Bangkok International Street Show] (Thailand)
2010 [Chuncheon International Mime Festival] [The 21st Asia Monodrama Festival] (South Korea)
2011 [Pohang International Theater Festival] [Goyang Lake Park Art Festival] (South Korea)
2012 [The 23rd Asia Monodrama Festival] [Pohang International Theater Festival] (South Korea)
     [Siam Street Festival] (Thailand)
2013 [Mokpo International Art Festival] (South Korea)
2014 [Chuncheon International Mime Festival] (South Korea)
    [Live Comedy Club Taipei] (Taiwan)
2015 [Flipside] (Singapore)
2017 [Parades] (France)[2017 Duo Town International Arts Festival](Taiwan)
2019 [Asia Mono Drama Festival] (South Korea)